LOOP Festival 2018


Stenia Vasulka, LOOP Festival 2017
12 - 22 November, 2018

Artistic creation is irremediably bound to production. The relationship between the conceptualization of an artwork and the processes through which it takes form – be it material or immaterial –, is complex and worth investigating. Six years after the first edition of “What About Production?”, we hence propose to review that same question in light of the current cultural and economic panorama.

Through a series of exhibitions, curated panel presentations, roundtable discussions, screenings and specialized workshops, LOOP will provide the space to debate and exchange ideas on contemporary modes of production, or the cluster of acknowledged practices and concepts that form a context within which the moving image is used and circulated.

While trying a definition of what production means today (the conceptualization of a work? the manufacturing? the preliminary idea? the final product?), the forum will depart from the idea that production could be understood as ‘agency’, inasmuch as it implies an active engagement from the part of the producer. All the while, such ‘agency’ could convert into ‘action’ or even reach the territory of political and cultural ‘activism’, in this way translating into a form of what might be called cultural participation, too. In expanding this final notion, a possible reading of production as spectacle (both in cultural and socio-economic terms) and theatre – to be understood as a dramatic, hence performative action, will then be put forward.

At the same time, LOOP will trigger reflections on practical issues such as the still slippery boundaries between video art and the cinema industry, the challenges related with DYI production, the still cogent (maybe) tool of crowd-funding campaigns, the pressure imposed on artists by the market, the collaborative (or subaltern) relationship between ‘producer’ and ‘product’, the role of artists, curators, and collectors as producers.

Carolina Ciuti – Artistic Director



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