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Judith Adataberna, Imagen Ensayo, Mar Guerrero, Rio Molinengo, pantea. ‘D’un rastre com un tall’

16 — 25 November 2023

Judith Adataberna, Imagen Ensayo, Mar Guerrero, Rio Molinengo, pantea.  ‘D’un rastre com un tall’
Judith Adataberna. Still of 'Inside the microtubule'. Image courtesy of the artist.

To exhale words that have not yet been spoken, images that beg to be remembered, and vague visions that burst forth to be heard. Delving into the remnants of the world that still yearns to be a world is an act of courage that need not be justified by familiar responses. The trails that compose the present complicate our experiences, igniting the fervour of a forgotten or unknown state. They lead us into a temporal disruption, a kind of haphazard condition that gives shape to what is unsettling, mysterious, vast, yet simultaneously envelopes us.

The pieces in this exhibition breathe unusual, hostile, and delicate depths of our individual and collective memory. They unveil stories that are intimate, strange, and painful, stories that saturate the landscapes, desire them, ignite them, and separate the densities and bodies. In the end, what is this? Is it a conversation or a cry for life? This duality of the works, which is one and the same, merges with the courage to give a name to what is intentionally hidden. It transcends the notion of evoking memories from the past while retaining them in the violence of the present moment, taking shape and substance in the space that welcomes them.

This exhibition aims to explore the concept of “trail” through a variety of images and connotations, perceiving it as a plastic, linguistic, and metaphorical element that infiltrates, saturates, and has the capacity to reemerge like a cut.

Brochure here.


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