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Pau Faus. ‘The Machine and the Flower’

16 November — 23 December 2023

Pau Faus. ‘The Machine and the Flower’
Pau Faus. Still of 'La máquina y la flor". Image courtesy of the artist.

Whilst the machine grows and grabs all the headlines, the forest watches and heeds a silent warning. This documentary project is framed as a dialogue between nature and technology. It was filmed at two locations: the interior and exterior of the ALBA Synchrotron, an impressive building located on the outskirts of Barcelona, considered the most complex machine in the southwest of Europe. As the focus shifts between each location, the philosopher Juan Arnau provides his reflections, he is also an astrophysicist, specialist in Eastern cultures, and staunch defender of humanism in the age of technological distractions.

On November 29th at 19h the talk Ciència, tecnologia i mirada documental will take place at La Casa Elizalde with Pau Faus, Pau Subirós and Victoria Sacco.

Project co-financed with funds from Creative Europe and A-PLACE Linking Places Through Networked Artistic Practices programme.


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