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Tao Hui. ‘Screen as Display Body’

14 — 24 November 2023

Tao Hui. ‘Screen as Display Body’
Image courtesy of Esther Schipper and the artist.

Screen as Display Body consists of four LED screens mounted on a trolley. Each broadcasts a single color: red, blue, green, and white. The work refers to the RGB color model, used for image display in TVs, in which red, green and blue are combined in various ways to reproduce a wide array of colors.

Tao Hui’s immersive multimedia installations bend the boundaries of fiction and reality to address cultural and identity related issues. His works are visceral and provocative, yet enlightening and always imbued with a strong emotional power and a sense of displacement, inviting the viewers to confront themselves with their own cultural history, ways of living and identities.

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