LOOP 2017
Fair 25 - 26 May
Festival 18 - 27 May

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About LOOP Barcelona

LOOP Fair 2017
25 - 26 May

Aukje Dekker, 'Dead Pan Busted', 2017, Galerie Gabriel Rolt, Loop 2017 ©Carlos Collado
Evangelia Kranioti, 'El éxtasis debe ser olvidado', 2017, Galerie Sator, Loop 2017 ©Carlos Collado

Know more about the 45 videos and films aptly selected by our committee members Jean Conrad and Isabelle Lemâitre, Haro Cumbusyan, Renée Drake and Marc and Josée Gensollen. Presented by galleries from all around the world they gave an insight into the current moving image panorama.

LOOP Festival

'Cabaret Crusades: The Path to Cairo' by Wael Shawky at Museu d'Història de Catalunya ©Carlos Collado
'Media Burn' by Ant Farm at Parking Ortigosa ©Carlos Collado

With the advice of Eugeni Bonet and Antoni Mercader, LOOP curatorial team has drafted a programme that pays tribute to video's early days.

LOOP Studies

A conversation between Jin-suk Suh and Menene Gras ©Carlos Collado
Mary Lucier in conversation with Berta Sichel ©Carlos Collado

Thoughts on video. A series of talks, workshops and professional meetings that fosters the recognition and appreciation of video and film.