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Gisle Nataas. ‘Sections/EMBT’

14 — 24 November 2023

Gisle Nataas. ‘Sections/EMBT’
Gisle Nataas. Exhibition at Fundació Enric Miralles (detail). Image courtesy of the artist and Fundació Enric Miralles.

The installation Sections/EMBT shows sounds of field recordings derived by four selected EMBT projects: Mercat Santa Catarina, Igualada Cemetery, Kálida Sant Pau Centre and the sculpture Heaven. These represent different scale, context, space, and material representing life, city, landscape, and death.

The field recordings have been artistically processed by architect and artist Gisle Nataas and assembled into an installation where all the layers play together in a complex sound composition. The installation is a cut through time, scale and place and representing life, humans, material, and unique stories. The sounds define the immateriality of EMBT project in terms of sound, interpretation, and association for the audience.

On November 13th at 19h a performance will take place at EMBT with Gisle Nataas (electronics) and Julio César Palacio (electronics).

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