A-Place – Linking places through networked artistic practices

— Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

A-Place – Linking places through networked artistic practices

LOOP announces the launch of A-Place, a project co-financed by the Creative Europe programme, dedicated to strengthening the bonds between people and places.

The purpose of A-Place is to design and implement art-centred place making activities that cut across disciplinary, cultural and geographic boundaries. Over the next four years (2019-2023), a series of actions (i.e. performances, installations, debates, and video and photography productions) will be carried out in six European cities: Barcelona, Bologna, Brussels, Lisbon, Ljubljana, and Nicosia. This site-specific research will examine the role of artistic practices as a catalyst for connecting and strengthening communities.

A-Place partnership includes nine organisations from six European countries: three schools of architecture – School of Architecture La Salle, Barcelona (Spain); Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia); KU Leuven, Department of Architecture (Belgium), one Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal)-, three multidisciplinary groups focusing on arts and community engaged urban interventions – Alive Architecture (Belgium), prostoRož (Slovenia), and Urban Gorillas (Cyprus)-, and two cultural agencies specialised in film and video art – Screen Projects (Spain), and City Space Architecture (Italy).

Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme (2019-23).