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Sindihogar/Sindillar. ‘El lugar que habito [The Place I Inhabit]’

9 November — 23 December 2022

Sindihogar/Sindillar. ‘El lugar que habito [The Place I Inhabit]’
Ph. Marcela Toledo

El lugar que habito [The place I inhabit] by Sindihogar/Sindillar is an audio-visual essay that explores the controversies experienced by migrant women in Barcelona. It reflects on the invisibilisation of the work of migrants in the creation of cultural heritage, as well as their segregation in the private sphere and in caretaking work.

Sindihogar/Sindillar is the first independent trade union of housekeepers and caring workers in Spain. Ever since it was created in 2011, it has been actively involved in the struggle for the dignity of caretaking work.

Along with El lugar que habito, the MEMEX project (MEMories and EXPeriences for Inclusive Digital Storytelling) is also displayed. Through an application and the voices of the members of Sindihogar/Sindillar, spectators are invited to discover Barcelona’s cultural heritage. Thus, the project seeks to promote social cohesion through collaborative tools.

A LOOP production. Co-finances with funds from the Creative Europe Programm and the project A-PLACE. Linking places through networked artistic practices. With the support of Casa Elizalde, Sindihogar/Sindillar, La Bonne and MEMEX, a project with funds from the European Union’s research and innovation programme Horizon 2020.



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