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1+1+1…: Matilde Amigo. ‘Believe II’

8 — 20 November 2022

1+1+1…: Matilde Amigo. ‘Believe II’

Curious. Disoriented, but present. Actively here. They say that time dictates behaviours, that a place and time determine our relationships. For my part, I think about a time that is always intermediate between something, that is never closed, but rather, which is a hidden closure that gives rise to an accumulation of experiences, of reverberations that come into play.

I also think of an ant which enters someone’s backpack by mistake and suddenly winds up somewhere else, with no earth, far from its anthill, searching and searching along the kitchen floor, guided by its antennae, almost blind and navigating by feel alone. Is this how I would inhabit my time on another planet? Led by my body, by my antennae?

The “Marcial” (Martial) project explores our desire for a possible future. Speculating on the migratory possibility before a world we have injured, Matilde Amigo wondered at recent research on the planet Mars as an inhabitable place. Starting from this premise, the artist launched a “Training programme to inhabit Mars” to learn how to live and form affective bonds on other worlds.

In Believe II, the artist appears to us in an ethereal space whose time and place are unknown to us. Placing the body at the centre, her practice is developed in a dialectic action with the environment, initiating a series of specific gestures and relationships with the singularity of space. Without following a previous choreography, the body appears as an agent of the present.

What relationships will we reproduce in the future? How does our system of individual and collective beliefs contribute to create imaginary worlds and desires? Can we cast doubt on our own beliefs?

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