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Matilde Amigo Fernández

1984, Santiago

Matilde Amigo Fernández
Matilde Amigo Fernández

Matilde Amigo carries out transdisciplinary research processes alongside different work teams, looking for new possible venues in her own points of view and to challenge the consensus-based approach to information. She seeks to connect knowledge to sensitivity, starting from a space of true listening and revelation.

She is the creator of JUNTA (2015), GRUPO H (2016) and HISTORIA NATURAL (2018). She developed the project MARCIAL (2018-2022) at El Graner, L´Estruch, La Poderosa or La Visiva. She was awarded a prize by la Feria Barcú (Bogotá) and Amalgama Art, and has participated in the “Opposing Frictions” exhibition at Koppel X (Londres).

She has recently collaborated in APOCALIPSIS ENTRE AMIGOS (2021-2022) by Julián Pacomio; RELÁMPAGO (2021) by Sofía Montenegro; TWO PLANETS HAVE BEEN COLLIDING FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS by Dora García (2022) and FRONTERA/PROCESIÓN by Amanda Piña (2022).

She is currently a resident at La Escocesa and is an associate of the Centro de Creación Nave in Chile.

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