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Galerie Krinzinger

Galerie Krinzinger was founded in 1971 by art-historian Dr. Ursula Krinzinger. Since then, she has organized at least 500 exhibitions of national and international artists, mounting solo, group and thematic shows. The main interest and source of the gallery program stems, on the one hand, from international performance and body related art on the other hand, from Viennese actionism. Additionally, the gallery has been working with national and international artists. Besides the gallery program, Ursula Krinzinger organizes and curates exhibitions in various spaces outside the gallery, including the gallery’s second space: Krinzinger Schottenfeld, which was founded in 2002 as Krinzinger Projekte. Internationally orientated, group and topic exhibitions define the program, which quickly earned an international reputation. Krinzinger Schottenfeld joins Galerie Krinzinger in inviting young national and international artists to take part in the gallery’s artist-in-residence program.

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