Hans Op de Beeck

Staging Silence (3)

Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna

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Hans Op de Beeck
Staging Silence (3)
44 min
Format & Technical

HD video.

"Staging Silence (3)" is the third and final instalment in a series of autonomous art films, all realised according to the same principles.

In the three films, two pairs of anonymous hands construct and deconstruct fictional interiors and landscapes on a mini film set of just three square meters in size. This film takes the viewer on a visual journey through depopulated, enigmatic and often melancholic, but nonetheless playful, small-scaled places, which are built up and taken down before the eye of the camera. The two pairs of anonymous hands, like a double Deus ex Machina of sorts, decide on the life and death, growth and blossoming or decay of the places that are conjured up. The landscapes and interiors are teaming with cultural and subcultural references, including historical as well as current themes that refer to the way in which man – both in his dealings with architecture and with nature — ‘humanises’ the open space in an attempt to create meaning, identity and a logical interaction with time.