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Albert Serra. ‘The Three Little Pigs’

19 November 2022 — 12 February 2023

Albert Serra. ‘The Three Little Pigs’
Albert Serra, 'Els tres porquets [The Three Little Pigs], 2012. Image courtesy Fabra i Coats-Centre d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona.

'Els tres porquets' [The Three Little Pigs] is a cinematographic experiment by Albert Serra, an installation of multiple channels and a duration of 101 hours that sketches the portrait of three great figures of German culture: Goethe, Hitler and Fassbinder.

Albert Serra, when he was invited by dOCUMENTA13 in 2012, created Els tres porquets [The Three Little Pigs], a 101-hour long film starred by Goethe, Hitler and Fassbinder. Shot fragmentarily in Kassel to be screened every day for the three months of dOCUMENTA, the work will be displayed as a multi-screen installation at Fabra I Coats.

Through this cinematographic experiment, Serra explores the performativeness of the medium, but also faithfulness towards autobiographical texts and the symbolic construction of history. Set out as a constant flow of discourse, amateur actors literally recite the words attributed to the three charcters in the books Conversations with Goethe by J.P. Eckermann, Hitler’s table talk and a collection of interviews with Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Through his dissertations, the personalities of these three figures, who marked three key moments in the history of Germany and the construction of Europe, take shape.

This is the premiere of Els tres porquets in Spain, which leaves its German context for the first time thanks to this iniviative by Fabra i Coats, which believed it was necessary to be able to display this magnum opus by our most international filmmaker in Catalonia. For this purpose, and with support from the Department of Culture of the Catalan Regional Government and from the Goethe Institute, Fabra i Coats has commissioned and led the gargantuan task of translating and subtitling the 101 hours of the film, which is expected to be screened for two months.

This project has benefitted from the support of the Department of Culture of the Catalan Regional Government and from the Goethe Institute. 

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