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Galerie Mazzoli

'Timber', solo show of Michele Spanghero at GM Berlin, 2016
'Timber', solo show of Michele Spanghero at GM Berlin, 2016

Since its opening in 2009, the Berlin-based Galerie Mario Mazzoli has been strongly focusing on time-based practices. Presenting artists working across the fields of installation art and electronic music, this art space has established itself as a place strongly oriented towards exploring and promoting the different ways in which sound can be used as an artistic medium. Gallery’s programme includes also kinetic art and video art with its artists’ practice often dealing  with issues concerning science and technology, perceived both from technical, as well as from sociological perspective. While concentrating mostly on emerging artists such as Shigeo Arikawa, Oscar Santillan, Michele Spanghero or Pe Lang, the Gallery also collaborates with some well known multimedia artists, such as Céleste Boursier-Mougenot and Christina Kubisch.

Last update 8th April, 2017

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