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Chris Marker, ‘Zapping Zone (Proposals for an Imaginary Television)’, 1990. © Collection Centre Pompidou © Chris Marker – Photo Georges Meguerditchian
Chris Marker, ‘Zapping Zone (Proposals for an Imaginary Television)’, 1990. © Collection Centre Pompidou © Chris Marker – Photo Georges Meguerditchian

As the result of years-long engagement with the study of the moving image, LOOP has put forward challenging reflections on the ideas that surround film and video art practices, with the aim of creating a constantly-evolving space for discussion. According to distinguished lines of investigation, this effort materialises in the production of exhibitions, film programs, written texts and public conferences as well as into open questions to the professional community.

Lines of investigation:

Beyond the Image: Sound

Or an exploration of the different interrelations between sound and the moving image as well as of the limitations of artistic categories.

Engaging Audiences. On the Dissemination of the Moving Image

Or a discussion on the reception of the moving image, its capacity of producing knowledge and prompting cultural criticism.

On Collaboration

Or a study of the collaborative horizons of image creation, as methodologies ethically relevant and sustainable in contemporary art at large.

What about Production?

Or a collective examination of the status of moving image art production in a precarious economic and cultural context.

Sound and Vision

Or an exploration into the numerous crossing lines between music and video, highlighting the mutual influences both in the field of aesthetic experimentation and the impact of these on the collective imagination. It also questions the conventional subordinate relationship of sound to image, which has been enforced by hegemonic western culture.

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