Erdal İnci

1983, Ankara

Erdal İnci
Erdal İnci

Erdal İnci studied painting at Hacettepe University. He works with different mediums such as painting, street art, photography, video and digital art. In 2009 he has started the video project Clones Project, and in 2012 turned those video pieces into GIF format and started to post in his blog: His GIF works have been featured in several online editorial art blogs and press such as Die Zeit Online; Wired; The Creators Project; The Huffington Post; Canal +; CNN; and Deutsche Welle. His works have been presented at solo shows in İstanbul Bauart Gallery; Berlin Michael Schultz Gallery, with the contribution of BAU Istanbul-Berlin Art Bridge Project; and in Art On İstanbul. Lives and works in İstanbul and Berlin.

Last update 8th May, 2017