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Capucine Vever

Capucine Vever
Capucine Vever

Capucine Vever develops a contextual practice surrounding the notion of the invisible, the unattainable and the imperceptible. Whether geographic, social and/or cultural, the land is central in her artistic practice. Her work tends to engage in a poetic relationship, by harnessing the potential narrative of each space. Her pieces begin with collages, analogies, constant frictions between reality and fiction, scientific research and narration, cartography and legend, displacement and immobilization. Her work is frequently developed during residencies such as Solarium Tournant (2020), Iconoclasses (2020), Evry-Courcouronnes (2019), Ouessant semaphore (Finis Terrae, 2018), Eremi Arte (Italy, 2017). She received a grant from the CNC in 2014 to develop a sound walk presented at the Maison des Arts de Malakoff (2014), during the Belleville biennial (2014) and the inauguration of KM1. Her video La RELÈVE received the 2019 OVNI video festival prize and she received a grant by the Fondation des Artistes in 2020.

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