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Aurélien Le Genissel


Aurélien Le Genissel
Aurélien Le Genissel
Curator, Fair Director, Speaker

Aurélien Le Genissel is an art critic and independent curator based in Barcelona. One of his current lines of investigation is the deconstruction of fiction through the persistence of literary language and the grammar of the moving image. He is also exploring the interconnection between visual art hermeneutics and contemporary forms of narrative. He is the former Artistic Director of the Blueproject Foundation in Barcelona (2013-2018), where he curated solo shows by Wolfgang Laib, Pieter Vermeersch, José Dávila and group shows like Little Is Left to Tell: Calvino after Calvino, Idolatry -What sacred games shall we have to invent? or Passe/Impasse. He was the director of Barcelona’s LOOP video art fair in 2019 & 2020 where he curated The bee who forgot the honey (2019), a group show featuring works by David Claerbout, Jon Rafman, Michael Sailstorfer, Hans Op de Beeck, Guido van der Werve, and many others and Tales From an Old World (2020). He has contributed to several catalogues, including Little Is Left to Tell: Calvino after Calvino (Blueproject Foundation, 2015) and a good neighbour – Stories (Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, 2017), the publication of the 15th Istanbul Biennial. He is a regular collaborator of several magazines like Neo2 (Spain), ArtPress France or Mousse Magazine (Italy)

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