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The Bee Who Forgot The Honey: Jennifer Douzenel

12 — 24 November 2019

The Bee Who Forgot The Honey: Jennifer Douzenel
Jennifer Douzenel, 'Monarques', 2018

Jennifer Douzenel conceives her videos as pictures that are inscribed in the continuity of the pictorial tradition and where temporality is embodied as a plastic element. Within the framework of the multiple exhibition The bee who forgot the honey, the young French artist presents Monarques, a work in which stands out, as in many of her other videos, the importance of the fixed plane, the framing and a visual texture full of an impressionistic phenomenology.

A poetic 4-minute work whose circular structure captures what Douzenel calls “ephemeral moments of grace”, suspending the narration and the action to focus on what is around, the pure sense of composition and an image that transcends the simple projection frame. In the silent, intimate and almost spiritual context of the arches of the Museu Frederic Marès, the work invites to a contemplation of the useless, which is no more, deep down, than the reflection of the complex arbitrariness of existence.

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