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Project SD

Based in Barcelona, the gallery program has been constructed to generate a dialogue between renowned and young artists, and a platform to host and present works of different times and contexts, as a way to priorize artistic value over trends, classifications, nationalities or generations.  

As a publisher, the gallery has been engaged in its own editorial task since 2008. PSD books started with Archivo J.R. Plaza by Iñaki Bonillas. Since 2014 ProjecteSD produces limited edition posters for each exhibition held at the gallery designed exclusively by artists as a way to counteract corporate overdesigned manifestations to favour, simplicity and directness.  

Between 2011 and 2013, the director and founder of ProjecteSD, Silvia Dauder was one of the expert committee members for the Art Feature and Art Statements sections of the ArtBasel fair. In 2014 ProjecteSD received the Arte y Mecenazgo award given by “La Caixa” for best gallery.  

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