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Galerie Jérôme Poggi

Gallery Jérôme Poggi is one of the leading galleries of the new generation in Paris. Founded by a curator and art historian Jérôme Poggi in 2009, the gallery was initially located in the North of Paris, and in 2014 it opened its main space just in front of the Centre Pompidou, in Le Marais. The gallery represents around 20 international artists from different generations. It participates in major international art fairs such as FIAC, Paris; Armory Show, New York; ARCO, Madrid; ARTBO, Bogota or Artissima, Torino. In 2004 Jérôme Poggi has founded SOCIETES, the nonprofit organisation aiming to research on new models of political economy for the art. It encourages and supports private initiatives carried out by any community who wants to intervene on the art scene.

Last update 8th May, 2017

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