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Anthony Reynolds & àngels barcelona

Anthony Reynolds Gallery was established in 1985.  There are 19 artists and estates  represented exclusively by the gallery and works by over 300 artists have been  presented in around 220 exhibitions over the past 30 years. The gallery has always  concentrated on the work of true independents of all generations, in all media and has  a reputation for the discovery of exceptional artists and the development of their  careers over the long term. We work closely with major museums and  non­commercial institutions in developing long­term critical appreciation of the work  of our artists. There is no stylistic or generational thread running through the  programme but strong elements of surprise, independence offering both aesthetic  and intellectual stimulation. Many artists were first exhibited in this gallery and have  since gone on to become major figures in the international arena. Anthony Reynolds  Gallery has no fixed address; our exhibitions take place in other galleries  internationally.

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