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Delaine Le Bas

St Sara Kali George

Yamamoto Keiko Rocheix, London

Delaine Le Bas
St Sara Kali George
10 min 4 s
Format & Technical

Single channel video with stereo sound

  • A film by Laszlo Farkas & Delaine Le Bas. Filmed by Lincoln Cato & Delaine Le Bas. Soundscape by Justin Langlands. With additional vocals by Raja Bhopa. Courtesy: the artist and Yamamoto Keiko Rocheix

St Sara Kali George is a figure created and enacted by a transdisciplinary artist Delaine Le Bas.  Sexually non-defined, it is a hybrid of St George and Sara Kali, two warrior patron saints of Roma people, the former also a patron saint of England and the latter, often portrayed as Black Madonna and revered from India to France. 

Landing from ashore, Sara Kali George wanders about, discovers in dismay and in rage, the current devastating conditions of environment, resulting from abuse the society has been inflicting on the mother Earth.  Image of washed-up Sara Kali George landing on a beach, may also strike with its uncanny similarities of that of desperate refugees trying to approach the English coast in ad-hoc sailing gears.

The fable, a commentary on England and its state of affairs can also serve as a mirror for anybody and any current society across globe. 


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