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Robert Kroos, Joyce Lainé, Lucie Leszez & Lichun Tseng. ‘Hall Exp Cinema’

16 — 17 November 2023

Robert Kroos, Joyce Lainé, Lucie Leszez & Lichun Tseng. ‘Hall Exp Cinema’
Lichun Tseng & Robert Kroos . Still of 'Ebb and flow'. Image courtesy of the artists.

Lichun, one of the founders of the self-managed laboratory Filmwerkplaats in Rotterdam, Joyce Lainé, the driving force behind the new generation of the Atelier MTK lab in Grenoble, and Lucie Leszez, member of the L’abominable lab in Paris, met in the Hall at l’Alternativa, along with Gloria Vilches, coordinator of Xcentric to share their experiences, their fragilities, and their satisfactions in the extensive journey of these three leading laboratories on the international expanded scene.

The proposal we put forward in our curatorial triangle between l’Alternativa Hall, Zumzeig, and Festival LOOP is made up of two live performances of Expanded Cinema, one of whom will be accompanied by musician Robert Kroos, a 16mm-piece visionary, and a conversation to exchange experiences.


16/11/2023, 18h
3 Laboratories, 3 Experiences, Multiple Perspectives (talk)
Participants: Lichun Tseng, Joyce Lainé and Lucie Leszez
Moderator: Glòria Vilches

16/11/2023, 20.30h
Lichun Tseng & Robert Kroos, Ebb and Flow (expanded cinema)

17/11/2023, 19h
L’Abominable, Filmwerkplaats, MTK, 3 Laboratories, 3 Experiences, Multiple Perspectives (screening)

17/11/2023, 20.30h
Joyce Lainé & Lucie Leszez, Sweet Seventeen (expanded cinema)

This programme is supported by a grant from Acción Cultural Española (AC/E).

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