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Joyce Lainé, Lucie Leszez & Lichun Tseng. ‘3 Laboratories, 3 Experiences, Multiple Perspectives’

Thursday 16 November 2023, 5 pm

Joyce Lainé, Lucie Leszez & Lichun Tseng. ‘3 Laboratories, 3 Experiences, Multiple Perspectives’
Lichun Tseng & Robert Kroos . Still of 'Ebb and flow'. Image courtesy of the artists.

Three lookes that converge on a common axis, analog film. Three of the more than 60 self-managed laboratories in existence around the world have many experiences that go through the management of space, common pro and Community processes, the management of teamwork, the exchange of knowledge and information, in areas where the particular materiality of things is an indispensable element, and all this is illuminated by the various artistic and aesthetic expressions that spring to mind in these very special contexts. Lichun Tseng from the lab Filmwerkplaats of Rotterdam, Joyce Lainé from the lab Atelier MTK of Grenoble, Lucie Leszez from the lab L’abominable de Paris share their gaze with Glória Vilches, coordinator of Xcentric.

Lichun Tseng of the lab Filmwerkplaats of Rotterdam, WORM-managed film laboratory. A workspace dedicated to the practice of analogue bricolage, aimed at artists interested in cinema as an expressive and physical medium. Filmwerkplaats is part of a wider network of artists-managed laboratories in Europe and functions as a center for new experiments and discussions around filmmaking. Our screening program covers a wide range of themes, showing works by members and guest filmmakers throughout the year. We believe in promoting the full potential of the medium, and we always seek to explore the possibilities of cinema as a performing and touching material.

Joyce Lainé of the lab Atelier MTK of Grenoble. ATELIER MTK, founded in 1992 by a group of filmmakers, is a handmade film laboratory equipped to work with 16 mm film. Dedicated to artistic training and development in the context of analogue cinema, with special interest in author work and in the inclusion of all elements of the process (camera, printing, film disclosure, montage, sound, projection) as parts of the creative development of film pieces.

Lucie Leszez del lab L’abominable de Paris. L’Abominable is a cinematographic laboratory operated by artists located near Paris since 1996. It is one of the most equipped laboratories with the ability to cover all processes and formats in the context of analogue cinema. With a careful look at the self-management of space by lx artists, thus encouraging the creative process to be the main element and to be able to expand freely into space.

Daucus Buganvilia, Florencia Aliberti, 16mm, n&b, digital sound, 5’, 2022
Daucus Buganvilia is a collection of natural elements in direct contact with film. Lichen, woodland plants, dried petals and found leaves meet the photochemical medium in an experiment in camera-less cinema that uncovers the tiny constitution of matter. A rhythmic visual study in which plant motifs, textures and sensations follow one another, revealing nature in its most imperceptible details.
D’étranges vues et de joyeux vestiges, Guillaume Mazloum, 16mm, color, silent, 12′, 2018
Accumulation of worried images, which were meticulously manipulated. These strange views are accompanied by joyful vestiges, some words gleaned from renowned or dark poets, sometimes even from the enraged walls of the city.
These proud gleams, these removable faces, these moving bodies become the elements of a research about vision and gaze, the protagonists of a nascent dialog, the traces of times and places that we still have to observe.
A radical Film, Stefano Canapa, 16mm, n&b, optical sound, 2’40, 2017
Radical, means what has to do with roots.
The film is made with black radish: minced and cut in parts, then patiently placed and exposed on film.
In a digital age, we go back to the roots of cinema!
Bosco, Lucie Leszez and Stefano Canapa, 16mm, n&b, silent, 8′, 2023
Three filmmakers (L.Leszez, J.Lainé et S. Canapa) bring back images of the forest. They are reworked and destructured with the means of the photochemical laboratory. Bosco is a visual breakthrough punctuated by a contrasted and hypnotic black and white.

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