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Nora Ancarola. ‘Before language’.

— Curated by Aida Boix

14 November 2021 — 16 January 2022

Nora Ancarola. ‘Before language’.
Imatge de la instal·lació de l'exposició 'Abans el llenguatge' de Nora Ancarola. Cortesía de l'artista.

Lo Pati and LOOP Festival got together to present this project by Nora Ancarola, curated by Aida Boix with the collaboration of Camilla Barcellone and Diana Ragel, psychologist Celeste Reyna and La Caníbal.

Antes el lenguaje is a project that has been developed in a polyphonic way, with the collaboration of people from the world of art, psychology and cultural management. The exhibition, curated by Aida Boix, presents works by Nora Ancarola with the accompaniment of artists Camilla Barcellone and Diana Ragel; psychologist Celeste Reyna and La Caníbal.

As a result of previous research, Ancarola investigates the panoptic society, migration, situations of vulnerability and how these are made invisible.

Her own experience as an immigrant who desires integration through language in a bilingual spoken territory gives her a prominent significance. The focus is on the emotional effects of exile on language. Thus, language in exile becomes a symptom, it leaves a trace.

Ancarola’s vision of reality interpellates you throughout the exhibition. In doing so, you can look through her gaze, a non-elitist, collective vision of the world with a clear critical and inclusive conscience, fleeing from the concept of frontier in the broadest sense of the word. The community is the framework, the border is the stage and language is the material with which we work. The voice is the axis around which all our exploration revolves, at the same time as it is the thread that unites us as affected people from that which was inscribed before language.

The exhibition is made up of three newly produced works: Ebre, frontera encarnada; Lengualeche, produced at the Baladre artists’ residency run by the Centro de Arte Lo Pati; and the video installation On la llengua per venir, produced with the MULTIVERSO grant for Vídeoart 2019 – BBVA Foundation – Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, which will be presented to the public for the first time.


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