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Nora Ancarola

1955, Buenos Aires

Nora Ancarola
Nora Ancarola

She was born in Buenos Aires. She has got a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Fine Arts in Barcelona. Visual artist, she lives and works in Barcelona since 1978. Since 1998, together with Marga Ximenez, she manages  MX ESPACIO 1010, a contemporary art space in Barcelona, with whom she also created MX Ediciones 1010 in 2004, which received the 2008 ACCA Award for Initiatives. Due to the publication of Politizaciones del malestar, she received the ACCA Prize for the best publication of the year 2018 (with Laia Manonelles and Daniel Gasol). In 2020, she received the Multiverso Grant from the BBVA.

She have coordinated and curated cycles and exhibitions such as Videopak, Lo desconocido de los conocidos, Dobles pieles, Novísimos, among others, while she has been also teaching. She has received several awards and grants and her professional work is carried out in a line of independent production and research.

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