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Mayra Martell. ‘Desaparecidas’

14 — 24 November 2023

Mayra Martell. ‘Desaparecidas’
Mayra Martell. Still of ‘Desaparecidas’. Image courtesy of the artist.

Video using photographs of the disappeared women documented by Mayra Martell. She has spent over 17 years creating various visual records in her hometown, one of the world’s most violent border regions, which is no stranger to the spotlight due to the numerous cases of femicide since the 1990s.

She has documented 172 cases of missing women in Ciudad Juárez. The series El acto de estrañar to which the video belongs, records the places these women/girls frequented and the personal possessions they possessed before their disappearance.

Martell is actively working on creating a book that compiles all the cases, including those the police have been reluctant to officially record. These cases are not documented anywhere else; this publication will serve as the exclusive space for remembering these missing women.

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