FLUXUS: present memories

— Performance & Screening

Friday 19 May 2017, 6 pm

María Perez. 'Malpartida Fluxus Vilage'. Cartel. 73min / 2015

FLUXUS. Present memories will unfold into a performance by pioneer Fluxus artists Willemde Ridder (Holland, 1939) and Philip Corner (New York, 1933), and the projection of the documentary Malpartida. Fluxus Village (2015) directed by María Pérez (Plasencia, 1984). The event will close up with a roundtable discussion chaired by Imma Prieto.


Sound performance by Philip Corner and Willem de Ridder.
6: 30pmh
Screening of 'Malpartida-Fluxus-Village' (2015), María Pérez
7: 45pm
Roundtable discussion with María Pérez, Philip Corner & Willem de Ridder. Chaired by: Imma Prieto