Primera Mort

— A Roundtable discussion with Jordi Galí, Sílvia Gubern, Antoni Llena & Imma Prieto

Thursday 11 May 2017, 8 pm

'Primera Mort' Jordi Galí, Sílvia Gubern, Antoni Llena

As a parallel activity to the exhibition of 'Primera Mort'. The CoAC will premier 'Ecos de Primera Mort' and a roundtable discussion.

On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition Primera Mort at the CoAC, the premiere of the documentary Ecos de Primera Mort (2017) directed by Imma Prieto will take place. To put the work into context, the centre will host the screening of Primera Mort to commemorate the original presentation of the very first piece of video art in Spain. To follow the screening, Alex Mitran will chair a roundtable discussion among artists and authors of Primera Mort Jordi Galí, Sílvia Gubern, Antoni Plena and curator Imma Prieto.