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Elke Andreas Boon


Elke Andreas Boon
Elke Andreas Boon

Elke Andreas Boon (Ghent) uses different media to create installations. By assembling their photos, drawings, videos, and sculptures, they create an environment where hyper individualistic feelings are sublimated into a sense of ephemeral beauty. The base of Boon’s work is formed by their innate fascination with people, their connections, their emotions and uncertainties. Tensions created in “answering to” or “escaping from” patterns of social expectations, which revolve around age, beauty or gender, always recur in Boon’s work. As an artist, their power lies in locating the sensitivities that define us as human, laying them bare, and raising them to a level of aesthetic awareness. After an initially beautiful, often sensual impression of their creations, another reality can soon surface, confronting the spectator with an indeterminate doubt about human fate. Their work couples a poetic and escapist imagination with a raw vision on our human condition. Their work thus bears witness to a very personal sensibility, lightness and nimbleness. It is not the illustration of an idea but the result of multiple and diverse impulses that form an ambiguous whole. For Elke Andreas Boon, artistry is a radical choice for freedom, an attempt to go beyond the tethering of social structures. Thanks to their imagination and rebellious attitude towards life, they succeed in challenging rusted patterns, generating new insights on what it is to be human.

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