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Antoni Muntadas

1942, Barcelona

Antoni Muntadas
Antoni Muntadas
Artist, Speaker

Muntadas works with photography, video, publications, Internet, multi-media installations and public intervention. His work addresses social, political and communication issues, the relationship between public and private space as well as the different channels of information. In 1971 he moved to New York where he created most of his video works and installations, and made prototypes for experimental alternative television, such as Cadaqués Canal Local, 1974 and Barcelona Distrito 1, 1976. Since 1995, Muntadas has grouped together a set of works and projects titled On Translation. Highly diverse in their contents and features, they all focus on the author’s personal experience and artistic activity in numerous countries over a period of thirty years. By grouping such works together under this epigraph, Muntadas places them within a body of experience and concrete concerns regarding communication, the culture of our times and the role of the artist and art in contemporary society. His most recent projects are About Academia (2011-2017) and Asian Protocols, (2012-ongoing). Currently he lives where he works and works where he lives.

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