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Tribute to Guada Echevarría: founder of Festival de Vídeo de San Sebastián

Wednesday 22 November 2023, 5 pm

Tribute to Guada Echevarría: founder of Festival de Vídeo de San Sebastián

Antoni Muntadas (Artist), Eugeni Bonet (Curator), Anne-Marie Duguet (Academic) and Miguel Zugaza (Director, Museo de Bellas Artes Bilbao) in conversation.

Guada Echevarría (Bilbao, 1948 – San Sebastián, 2023) had a distinguished career in the art world. She founded the mythical Video Festival in Sant Sebastià in the 1980s, directed the Bordeaux Art School for two decades and was the cultural director of the project Donostia 2016. She began as a specialist in rock history and became a leading figure in video art in Spain. She presented artists such as Bill Viola and Bob Wilson at the San Sebastián International Video Festival. Shee organized a music video festival of radical Basque rock in Vitoria and worked at the Contemporary Art Television Fund in Boston. At the Queen Sofia Art Center, she collaborated on major exhibitions such as those of Antonio Muntadas, Christian Boltanski and John Baldessari, and was curator of the minimal art collection of Count Panza di Biumo. In 2012, she curated an exhibition of contemporary Basque art at the Bilbao Museum of Fine Arts.

In this meeting, participants will remember their outstanding record in homage mode to a key figure in the field of video art.



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