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House of Chappaz & JOEY RAMONE

House of Chappaz

House of Chappaz is born from the evolution and transformation that Espai Tactel gallery has had both at work and personal level since its founding in 2011, maintaining its essence but expanding its field of action. This transformation has occurred in a natural way and its objective is that the gallery founded in València by Ismaël Chappaz, and to which in 2018 Oriol Armengou and Ferran Mitjans (Toormix) were added, continues to grow, expand and create new alliances to continue spreading its lines of action and its ideas in pursuit of the most current contemporary art.

Following the lines marked by the previous project, and focusing on topics such as the future, gender theories, contemporary aesthetics and many others, House of Chappaz is a project that evolves over time through risk and commitment to young (and not so young) very promising talents.



JOEY RAMONE was founded in 2012 by Greek artist Kiki Petratou & Dutch collector Hans Bakker. The gallery, which we like to call an ‘Half Artist-Run Gallery’, is committed to developing an ambitious and vibrant multidisciplinary and cross-generational program. It has been presenting national and international artists who use a diverse range of media to explore contemporary socio-political, cultural and technological themes.

In 2016 the gallery stepped into a new phase by doubling its space. This not only instigated the interaction between the artists, galleries and our public but it also created new exhibition and collaborative formats. Next to the regular gallery program comprising six solo exhibitions a year, the gallery has been running an irregular side program, which includes curated group shows, artist talks, lectures, film screenings, performances and project collaboration. The objective is to provide a platform for contemporary art and discourse, by combining the attributes of both a conventional gallery (facilitating the long-term development of the artists’ careers) and the more content and context-based approach of a non-profit initiative.

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