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L’Hospitalet, A Weaved Place. Screening of Film, Territorial Analysis and Debate

Saturday 21 November 2020, 7 — 9:30 pm

L’Hospitalet, A Weaved Place. Screening of Film, Territorial Analysis and Debate
Still from "Terrapolis". Courtesy of the artists.

The various approaches with regard to the genesis of places in the territory of L’Hospitalet have propelled us to try to see the contrasts or synergies that might result from staging together their respective methodologies and conclusions. Those approaches can be summed up into three main categories: the technical, the historical and the artistic. From those points of departure, we hope to weave a more complex and extended picture of an urban and social landscape that is stressed in many ways and remains a puzzling challenge to all those that try to activate and act upon it.


Part 1


  • A-Place, Presentation by Leandro Madrazo (A-Place Project Coordinator, School of Architecture La Salle)
  • Exploration of the social and physical territory of L’Hospitalet, by Leandro Madrazo
  • Presentation of Urban Research Works by Amador Ferrer (Head of Urbanism, School of Architecture La Salle)


Part 2

  • History of Social Movements in L’Hospitalet, by Dolors Marín (Historian)
  • Presentation of “TERRApolis. Puig d’Ossa”, by Sitesize (Elvira Pujol Masip and Joan Vila Puig, artists)
  • Screening video “TERRApolis. Puig D’Ossa”


Part 3

  • Debate: Amador Ferrer, Leandro Madrazo, Dolors Marín, Elvira Pujol Masip and Joan Vila Puig. Moderated by Ruben Verdú

The event will be conducted in Spanish and Catalan


With the support of:

The Creative Europe programme of the European Union

A-PLACE. Linking places through networked

LOOP Barcelona

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