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SITESIZE Elvira Pujol Masip & Joan Vila Puig

L’Hospitalet – Barcelona

SITESIZE Elvira Pujol Masip & Joan Vila Puig
SITESIZE Elvira Pujol Masip & Joan Vila Puig

We are a platform dedicated to creation and research into the contemporary metropolis. Since 2002 we have been developing artistic projects and researching autonomous forms of cultural production and community learning.

As part of our long experience, we would highlight the following projects: the touring exhibition ¡Cataluña termina aquí! ¡Aquí empieza Murcia! (2011-14), on urban spaces and popular learning; MAD#sub anotaciones desde el sub-suburbio de Madrid (2010-11), a visual essay about the metropolitan periphery south of Madrid; Valparaíso Aula Permanente (2010), creation of a learning community around the city of Valparaíso (Chile); the exhibition La comunitat inconfessable (2009), for the Catalan pavilion of the 59th Biennale de Venezia Contemporary Art exhibition; and the project SIT Manresa, Servei d’Interpretació Territorial (2005-08), a public audit on the transformation of the city of Manresa. We are currently developing Aprendizaje autónomo, involving research into the forms of creation and re-appropriation of life that refer to libertarian culture and pedagogy. This research has earned a research residency at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.

Last update: 5th November 2020

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