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Right Now: Everything is yet to be done and everything is possible

— Curated by Chus Martínez and Rosa Lleó

10 November 2020 — 17 January 2021

Right Now: Everything is yet to be done and everything is possible
Design banner for Right Now: Everything is yet to be done and everything is possible [Ara mateix: Tot està per fer i tot és possible]

Chus Martínez and Rosa León collect in this exhibition a fragment of the city's artistic fabric with the intention of giving value to a community project.

The “now” is so complex that it is as difficult as it is painful to think about. This exhibition is somewhat like observing an iceberg or the crater of a volcano submerged under water: it is only a tiny part of the whole artistic community and its production. Even so, it is essential for this small part to show its face, as it offers us an expression of the whole. This exhibition should instil us with the need to get closer to the artists close to us, spark up situations in which we can see and talk about their work, lay the questions they propose on the horizon of the ever-changing relationships that define our identity, our gender, our rights, our will to carry on transforming the way we experience reality and life. This is not an exhibition about video, or rather the term does not matter. Here images narrate how they borrow, from poetry, a deeply personal way of expressing the struggle against their denial, against those who continually relegate art to oblivion, who refuse to accept that this sensory space is directly linked to life and, therefore, explicitly or otherwise, to the values that make it possible to live together as a community.

Unwaveringly approaching nearby artists, those around us, is the best rehearsal, the most lucid way of knowing what we feel. What do we repeat endlessly? What do we always dramatise? Pain? Love? What do we always intellectualise? What do we victimise? What is it that impels us to describe? Living in consonance with our artistic life is our only chance to generate a dynamic capable of shifting the system, of transforming through observation, of being able to spot the external alliances that might help us to forge unbreakable bonds and true mutuality. An organism that fails to understand itself is blind. That is the purpose of images. Political invention passes through communities in which a sense of militancy coexists with certain indifference towards the “now”, towards “living up to the moment”, because they know that positioning themselves down low, as if the great political machine were really just smoke and mirrors, is the greatest gesture of generosity towards us.

Chus Martínez and Rosa Lleó

Ayuda Humanitaria, 2009-2013

Núria Güell
Courtesy of ADN Galeria

Melic, 2011

Irene Solà
Courtesy of Àngels Barcelona

Horitzó discontinu, 2019

Blanca Casas Brullet
Courtesy of RocioSantaCruz

Coreografías de coinmunidad, 2020

Javier Peñafiel
Courtesy of Galeria Joan Prats

Forward (film), 2010

Patricia Dauder
Courtesy of ProjecteSD

La figa, l’espina, l’escut [The Fig, the Spine, the Shield]

Adrian Schindler i Eulàlia Rovira

Watere, 1999

Tere Recarens

El cuidado, 2017

Gema Polanco

Danza de mujer, 2007

Anna Malgarida

Mama’s Casting a Spell, 2019

Mercedes Azpilicueta
Courtesy of NoguerasBlanchard

Helicon, 2020

Fito Conesa
Courtesy of Espai Tactel. Toormix

We (Will Pretend Not to Be Here), 2020

Pedro Torres

Stanza, 2019

Bernat Daviu
Courtesy of Bombon Projects

Fredes i Calentes, Gegants i Nanes, 2020

Regina Giménez
Courtesy of Ana Mas Projects
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