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(Re)visionats, (Re)visitats. ‘Eugènia Balcells’

— A roundtable discussion with Virginia García del Pino, Valentina Alvarado, Florencia Aliberti.

Friday 26 May 2017, 7 pm

(Re)visionats, (Re)visitats. ‘Eugènia Balcells’
Flor Alibert, '(Auto)exposiciones' (2012-2015)

A parallel activity to '(Re)visionats, (Re)visitats'. This presentation will focus on the work of 'Eugènia Balcells' through the eyes of contemporary creators Virginia García del Pino, Valentina Alvarado and Florencia Aliberti.

Establishing a debate around ‘Eugènia Balcells’ initial video work is the main reason for this roundtable. To do so we propose the presentation of a series of recent audiovisual practices made by current filmmakers and video creators who dialogue with the artist’s pieces present in the show. Virginia García del Pino –director of documentary films that interrogate the complexity of social identities–, Flor Aliberti –filmmaker and video editor, author of the series (Auto)exhibitions, a project of found footage on self-representation in the network – and Valentina Alvarado –visual artist who interrelates the practice of analog cinema (super 8, 16 mm) with graphic design and fashion– will be the participants of this third meeting moderated by Albert Alcoz, curator of the exhibition.

Parallel activity to the exhibition (Re)visionats, (Re)visitats. A re-reading of the beginnings of Spanish videoart.


05.05 - 7pm
'Antoni Muntadas', with Carolina Cabrerizo & Miquel Martí Freixas
24.05 - 7pm
'Carles Pujol', with Marcel Pié, Pere Ginard & Pepón Meneses
26.05 - 7pm
'Eugènia Balcells', with Florencia Aliberti, Valentina Alvarado & Virginia García del Pino
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