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(Re)visionats, (Re)visitats

— An approach to the pioneers of Spanish video production

2 — 27 May 2017

(Re)visionats, (Re)visitats
Antoni Muntadas, "On Subjectivity (About TV), 1978.

This retrospective, curated by Albert Alcoz, will feature three pioneering video artists whose work is emblematic of the discipline's emergence. It will consider how rapid technological development influenced the form's early days.

In the mid-1970s, video technology was a novel tool whose artistic potential had yet to be discovered. A generation of video producers complicated the process of capturing sound and the moving image. It represented an ideological shift that, due to the existing political situation, involved the debating the conceptual practices linked to the dematerialization of the art and calling into question the conventions conventions of audiovisual communication that had become standard at that time. Analyzing the almost seductive strategies of cinema and television; Demanding the critical involvement of the spectator in the processes of perception; Pointing the need for feminist perspectives in the field and investigating the aesthetic possibilities intrinsic to analogue video are some of the approaches present in the work of this brief selection of pioneers of video production in Spain. Revising and revisiting their work allows us to appreciate, from a contemporary perspective, the value of some of the pieces that are already part of the cultural video-artistic heritage of this country.

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