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Observing Particles in Space

Sunday 10 November 2019, 7 pm

Observing Particles in Space
José A. Sistiaga, 'Impressions en haute atmosphère', 1989

This selection gathers together a series of cinematographic works whose aesthetics discloses different discursive ways to approach outer space. The screening unfolds into three abstract and evocative animations around the cosmos, and three documentations focusing on comets, the moon or the Milky Way. While triggering dialogue between the film inscriptions by Lye, the visual and pictorial music of Sistiaga, the astral multiplications of Szlam, the meteoric speculation of Stratman, the Martian imagery of Darroll and the hypnotic celestial filming of Liotta, this programme ultimately unfolds into a combination of non-galactic figuration and interstellar hyperrealism.


Len Lye, 'Particles in space', 1979
José Antonio Sistiaga, 'Impresiones en la alta atmósfera', 1989
Malena Szlam, 'Lunar Almanac', 2013
Deborah Stratmann, '...These Blazeing Starrs"', 2011
Robert Darroll, 'Luna', 1986
Jeanne Liotta, 'Observando el cielo', 2007
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