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Juan Nascimiento and Daniela Lovera. Ficció i memòria

Wednesday 23 October 2019

Juan Nascimiento and Daniela Lovera. Ficció i memòria

For the neighbors of Poblenou or the “Rellis”, as it’s popularly known, it’s a very important part of the social memory of the neighborhood and its stories. IDEAL was designed to give space to entertainment and cultural exchange. It was an industrial warehouse, skating rink, variety theater, neighborhood cinema, television set, studio… and at ceasing its activity, was a giant archive of architectural projects for cinemas in Spain. Thedialectic between fiction and memory is a framework to explicate thedifferent stories and associate them with the imminent future of IDEAL.

The inhabitants of Poblenou meet with the “Rellisquín” in a piece in which the anecdotes unlink from their own historical identity and, wheretime stops flowing at its chronological, to show us reality on the way between fiction and reality.

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