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‘En la ciudad’. Filmacions urbanístiques, inquietuds artístiques

6 — 22 November 2018

‘En la ciudad’. Filmacions urbanístiques, inquietuds artístiques
Eulàlia Grau, still from 'En la ciudad', 1975

En la ciudad [“In the City”] was the title of an unusual collective film that followed an initiative by Eugeni Bonet in 1976. The film project consisted of a series of Super-8 short films made by a series of different artists. Reflecting on the role of the city, expressing personal concerns and interrogating the different urban logic of places such as Barcelona, Madrid, Paris or New York was the main objective of a heterogeneous film that put together the analytical recordings of the surroundings with an artistic format that was close to cinema. Recognised experimental filmmakers –such as Iván Zulueta, Eugènia Balcells, Manuel Huerga– and renowned visual artists linked to conceptual practices –like Eulàlia Grau, Muntadas, Antoni Miralda, Fina Miralles, Francesc Torres– were some of the participants in such plural work that speaks truth to a period of hopeful socio-political change. Today the film has become a historical document.

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