Domènec. ‘Walden 7 or Life In The Cities’

9 — 20 November 2022

Domènec. ‘Walden 7 or Life In The Cities’

The videographic project on the Walden7 by Ricardo Bofill, a radical architectural project and massive social housing building on the outskirts of Barcelona, aims to go through, using both archive images (video, photos, audio, models), current images of daily life in the building and interviews, this journey back and forth between the initial project and the building today.

All this material will be structured from the record of different testimonies and with a central axis in the conversation with Anna Bofill, sister of Ricardo Bofill, architect, feminist activist, co-founder of the Architecture Workshop and co-author of the project and who for more than 30 years lives in the building itself, assuming the identification with the project until the last consequences.

Co-finances with funds from the Creative Europe Program and the project A-PLACE. Linking places through networked artistic practices.