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Avant-Garde from Taiwan

Saturday 17 November 2018, 8 pm

Avant-Garde from Taiwan

Images dominate our lifestyle and inevitably affect the way of thinking of the new generations. Among Taiwanese contemporary art expressions, video and experimental film enrich the visual aesthetics and symbolic meanings with their own critical character, originality and diversity. The curatorial project TAIWAN VIDEA aims at converging the creative energies and aesthetic features of video, experimental film, animation etc. while putting forth the diversified creation in Taiwan.

*A programme presented by Casa Asia

With the contribution of:

Selected works

Tsui Kuang-Yu
Invisible City: Taiparis York, 2008, 5’10’’
Chang Huei-Ming
Tough Town, 2015, 9’
Wang Ding-Yeh
Beef-Wonderful Promises, 2011, 4’42’’
Chen I-Chun
The Piggy Song, 2013, 8’07’’
Zhang Xu Zhan
Ritual of Cthode Ray Tube, 2011 – 2013, 5’
Ho Wei-Ming
Over My Dead Country, 2013, 11’11’’
Wu Tzu-An
Disease of Manifestation, 2011, 9’
Pu Shuai-Cheng
Secret Plane-Immense Floating, 2011, 5’31’’
Wu Chi-Tsung
Landscape in the Mist, 2012, 10’17’’
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