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Imagining Crisis

Saturday 24 November 2018, 8 pm

Imagining Crisis

This video selection departs from the artists’ anxieties towards the art world and it lingers on our society that twists the essence of an individual through all kinds of mass media (including religion), and the nature pouncing on human beings for their long-term destruction. From concrete perceptible crises to invisible, metaphysical, imaginative crises, these films embody the eccentric aesthetics of imagining the death.

*A programme presented by Casa Asia

With the contribution of:

Selected works

Albert Merino
The Contemporary Art Festival, 2011, 20’20’’
Shahar Marcus
The Curator, 2011, 4’35’’
Rossina Bossio
The Holy Beauty Project Volume III, 2012, 6’26’’
Ernesto Pombo & Chimene Costa
Efímero Festín, 2013, 8’20’’
Kimmo Alakunnas
Ant, 2010, 24’
Hannes Vartiainen& Pekka Veikkolainen
The Death of an Insect, 2010, 7’
Mihai Grecu & Thibault Gleize
Glucose, 2010, 7’
Masashiro Tsutani
Between the Regularity and Irregularity, 2012, 7’50’’
Oliver Pietsch
Blood, 2011, 3’20’’
Confusion, 2009, 22’
Oliver Pietsch
From Here to Eternity, 2010, 40’
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