Alfabet Inacabat per a L’Hospitalet – Exposició

11 — 25 November 2018

Matteo Guidi and Mireia Sallarès, mapa conceptual del taller en curs.

This exhibition is the result of the visual arts workshop Alfabet inacabat per a L’Hospitalet [“Unfinished Alphabet for L’Hospitalet”], organised by visual artists Matteo Guidi and Mireia Sallarès. The exhibition shows the video works produced by the workshop participants (Leonardo Esteban Montes, Victoria Ávila Sánchez, Iván Cejalvo Martí, Fabiana Rocio Ortega and Iliane Caparrós Àvila) and their respective ways of formulating local and universal questions about a context, L’Hospitalet, conceived as an alphabet that is available to anyone. At a time of social, political, economic and emotional instability, apparently raw documents can help us understand the problems that surround us and to find artistically powerful ways to read and explain our diverse context.

Opening 10 Nov. 2018 12h

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