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Mireia Sallarès

1973, Barcelona

Mireia Sallarès
Mireia Sallarès

Mireia Sallarès is a visual artist and guest artist at the Institut Supérieur des Arts in Toulouse, France. A graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, ​​she studied film at the New School University and at the Film & Video Arts Institute in New York. She lives in transit between Barcelona and other foreign cities where she develops her artistic practice. The condition of alienation is fundamental in her projects that are the result of long research on essential issues such as violence, pleasure, legality, truth, love or labour. She uses video as a tool to develop anthropological research and political narrative from situated feminisms. Her latest project Kao malo vode na dlanu, a research on the notion of love in Serbia, part of her unfinished Trilogy of waste concepts (truth, love and work), has received the 2019’s City of Barcelona Award for Visual Arts and the ACCA Award. She participated in the exhibition Feminisms! at the CCCB-Centre for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona, with the project Las Muertes Chiquitas. Her work has been presented at the CCCB, the MACBA, the Fundació Joan Miró, the Art Santa Mónica, La Capella, Fabra i Coats-Centre for Contemporary Art, the CA Tarragona; at ARCO, the Madrid Fine Arts Circle, the Carrillo Gil Museum in Mexico, the Anthology Film Archives, and the New York University in New York, the Facets in Chicago; at the OK Centrum in Linz, Austria; at the Galleri Image in Arhus, Denmark; at the Center for Contemporary Art in Glasgow, Scotland; at the Nelson Garrido Organization of Caracas, Venezuela; at the Museum of Modern Art in Puerto Rico, at the SKC in Belgrade, Serbia, at the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, and at the TEA in Tenerife, among others. Some of her works are part of the MACBA collection.

Last update 27th April 2021

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