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Aimar Pérez Galí. ‘Touching Blues’

— In the context of the celebrations of Segundo de Chomón’s 150th anniversary

Thursday 11 November 2021, 7 — 9 pm

Aimar Pérez Galí. ‘Touching Blues’

On the occasion of the celebrations of Chomon’s 150th anniversary at the Filmoteca de Catalunya, curator Cloe Masotta presents Aimar Pérez Galí’s latest film.

Since its inception, film has been fascinated by the image of a body in movement, dancing, and its representation. This fascination is quite prevalent in Segundo de Chomón’s output. Touching Blues (2021) by Aimar Pérez Galí raises his very same question of the image of a body in motion a century later, after the appearance of digital film: that of a dancing body traversed by history and by the memory of absent bodies. A body that is light, spectral presence and invocation all at once.

The film immerses us in a hypnotic tactile choreography and in a color, the eponymous blue, which conjures up the film Blue (1993) by Derek Jarman. Indeed, according to Jaime Conde-Salazar and Aimar Pérez Galí, “Touching Blues […] has a commemorative purpose: we continue to do this, we continue to insist, because it is still necessary to remember, to listen to and celebrate the bodies of those who suffered and suffer from the HIV/AIDS pandemic.”

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