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1+1+1…:’Carne de mi carne: Entraña’ by María Alcaide

— Curated by Alterdúo (Arianna Esposito and Marco Tondello)

9 November — 12 December 2021

1+1+1…:’Carne de mi carne: Entraña’ by María Alcaide
María Alcaide, 'Carne de mi carne: Entraña', 2021. Still from the video. Courtesy of the artist.

The project 'Carne de mi carne: Entraña' by artist María Alcaide is part of the delocalized itinerary 1+1+1..., that will unfold throughout different venues in the Gothic and El Born neighborhoods from November 9th to 21st.

Artist María Alcaide (Aracena, Andalusia, 1992) is not simply discussing flesh: she is telling us about her very own flesh, her own experience, her past, present and future.

Throughout the video narration Carne de mi carne: Entraña (2021), the artist processes and digests the symbols and images of the context in which she was born and raised, and, through this narrative, she cuts and assembles her closest ties. Her relationship with her brother, parents and family overlap with a broader research on feminism, the rural world and gender inequality.

When we speak of flesh we speak of the body and, inevitably, of our experiences. To refer to personal experience is to refer to our environment and to the genetic framework that links us to each other.

On Saturday, November 20, at 12 a.m., La Bonne – Centre de Cultura de Dones Francesca Bonnemaison will host the project’s presentation. The artist María Alcaide, the Wige Tija and the curatorial couple Alterdúo (Marco Tondello and Arianna Esposito) will talk about body, gender inequality and the transformations that the rural world is currently experiencing. Everyone will address these issues from their own experience, providing their personal views, with the aim of engaging in a dialogue that will gather different voices.

Produced within the framework of ”la Caixa” Foundation’s programme to support artists.

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