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Javier Velasco

Ópera Para Migrantes Mexicanos

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Javier Velasco
Ópera Para Migrantes Mexicanos
25 min
Format & Technical

Single channel, SD video, Colour, Sound, Music

LOOP Edition
Ed. 2005
Presented in LOOP by
Galeria Trama

The video explores the subject of the illegal emigration of Mexican citizens to the United States, made by Velasco in Mexico City, on the occasion of his visit to the city at the invitation of the Spanish Cultural Centre in 2005. Javier Velasco analyses the content of a “Guide for Mexican emigrants” distributed by the Mexican government itself as an “educational” campaign about the potential dangers entailed in the adventure of illegally crossing the border. However, as the artist states, “a detailed reading of this guide shows that, in reality, it is a practical guide to how to cross the border. In addition, the undercover way the leaflet was distributed – inside small, widely-read, semi-erotic magazines, indicates to us that the “guide” is aimed at a public which, in many cases, considers illegal emigration as the only possible road to survival. Emigration that also ends up being one of the main sources of foreign currency entering the country”. Taking this Guide for the Mexican emigrant as the starting point and bearing in mind the “social” destination for which it was created, the artist turns it into the opposite, that is, he elevates it to an almost sublime level of sophistication, conceiving it as an Opera. Opera both for the nature of the word itself (work) and for it being sung by a countertenor. The atmosphere and the singer’s costumes and make-up come across as in a genuine operatic stage-setting. The six chapters of the guide turn into six acts of an opera


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